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Jan. 26, 2022

Building A Fundraising Plan for 2022

Building A Fundraising Plan for 2022

How will you fund your organization this year?

 Do you have a Fundraising Plan for 2022?

Speaking from his more than 20 years of nonprofit fundraising, Nathan Ruby provides some insights into building a fundraising plan for your organization.    Nathan shares what a fundraising plan is and where to start if you don't have a plan.  Plenty of practical steps are shared in this episode.

Tim Barnes serves as the Executive Vice President of International Association for Refugees (IAFR) and can be contacted at tim@iafr.org.

Nathan Ruby serves as the Executive Director of Friends of the Children of Haiti (FOTCOH) and can be contacted at Nathan@fotcoh.org.

They can also be reached at www.nonprofiltleader.online.

All opinions and ideas shared on the podcast are those of the hosts and do not represent the opinions or ideas of their respective organizations.