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May 4, 2022

Fundraising Strategies - Grants

Fundraising Strategies - Grants

Family Foundations.  Community Foundations.  Corporate Foundations.  Government Funding.  All sound like great opportunities to help fund your organization and its important mission. 

But was does it take to go after that grant?

On today's episode, Tim and Nathan explore the world of grants as a source of funding for your nonprofit organization.  Sharing from their personal experiences, the guys discuss the positive aspect of procuring grants, the challenges in the application process, and the mistakes that Executive Directors often make when using them as a fundraising strategy.

The Hosts of  The Practice of NonProfit Leadership:

Tim Barnes serves as the Executive Vice President of International Association for Refugees (IAFR) and can be contacted at tim@iafr.org.

Nathan Ruby serves as the Executive Director of Friends of the Children of Haiti (FOTCOH) and can be contacted at Nathan@fotcoh.org.

They can also be reached at www.nonprofiltleader.online.

All opinions and ideas shared on the podcast are those of the hosts and do not represent the opinions or ideas of their respective organizations.